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  1. How Modern Architecture Can Connect Us to Nature

    The longer COVID-19 rages on and we spend more time at home, the more likely we are to wonder how residential architecture could change in the future. As a part of San Francisco Design Week in June, architect Leo Marmol, managing partner at Marmol Radziner, discussed how indoor-outdoor living strategies employed by early modernist architects feel especially beneficial and relevant today in promoting health and well-being at home.

    “Modernism is about this notion of connection. I feel it’s too easy to consider modernism as a method and really oversimplify it into flat roofs and sterility. It’s not that. It’s a few relationships. It’s about connection. Connection to ourselves and our families within the way an idea flows and communicates internally, a few connections to the rhythms of the environment outside our buildings,” Marmol said.

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  2. 6 Reasons to Hire a Home Design Professional

    Residential designers (architects, interior designers, and others) bring a wealth of data and skills to form sure all aspects of transforming and custom home projects go as smoothly as possible.

    Talk with almost anyone who’s ever tried to try to do a construction project without pro help, and you’ll likely hear one statement over and over again: “I wished I had hired a designer.” Even in smaller projects, sort of a one-room remodel, once you open up those walls, situations arise that only an experienced professional can apply his or her creative problem solving to save lots of time and money

    Why Hire a Designer?

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  3. 7 Tips for Designing Your Bedroom

    Have you ever been to a room that just feels right? nine times out of 10, it’s because it's an easy design that functions well. But creating an easy design is harder than it's — particularly in bedrooms.

    Why? Because every bedroom absolutely has got to have a bed in it. And beds are big and ungainly and dictate the location of each other object within the room. But if you’re lucky enough to be planning a bedroom from scratch or remodeling an existing bedroom, you'll control the opposite elements and make an area that’s both practical and pretty.

    The bedrooms are shown here manage that feat with panache. albeit you don’t have an excellent view, access to the outside, or many spaces to figure with, the princ

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  4. 11 Smart Upgrades for A New House

    Building a new house is a pleasure not everyone gets to experience. You get to construct your home exactly to your taste, with the components and finishes you wish and may afford. Often you’ll be deciding what's well worth the money to do now and what you’d like better to save as a renovation project to try to do later. There are a variety of things to think about, including how long you propose to measure within the home, whether you’ll be ready to put upgrades directly onto your mortgage or disburse of pocket, and what upgrades are valuable for resale.

    Upgrading later by doing it yourself can sometimes be an honest plan allowing you to avoid paying the builder’s premium. But sometimes waiting won't only not prevent money, it'll cost you more within the&nbs

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  5. Wonderful Material Marriages

    Material selection during the design process strongly determines architectural character, defining the general look and feel of the composition and space. Architects draw upon many devices when developing a cloth palette. Selections can reference the location or adjacent structures or are often drawn from local building conventions, the climate and weathering concerns, or the building form itself. Sometimes the selections are a result of a selected client directive or are an ingenious solution to the project’s budgetary constraints. Other considerations are the standard of sunshine a cloth might render or its tactile quality and color.

    Then there are those material and color combinations that just belong together, contrasting and complementing in perfect harmony. Let’s take a glance at a couple of these pairings

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  6. The Beauty of Humble Materials

    Humble materials aren’t costly or luxurious, but using them in residential design doesn’t mean you've got to sacrifice interest or refinement. Many architects find inspiration within the humble great thing about simple structures wearing plain materials that are used honestly. These materials don’t draw attention to themselves or pretend to be something they’re not. They’re chosen to modestly serve their purpose. As we analyze this approach within the following examples, it'll be easy to ascertain the appeal of choosing such unpretentious resources.

    Natural Plywood
    Aesthetic: Informal, warm, low tech

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  7. What Is a Living Building?

    Part philosophy, part advocacy, the Living Building Challenge is pushing designers and homeowners to rethink how we live

    We’ve all heard of sustainable building, but what a few living building? That’s the main target of the International Living Future Institute’s Living Building Challenge; it’s an idea that uses nature because the ultimate measure for a building’s performance. The challenge has been called a philosophy, an advocacy tool and a certification system beat one.

    You’ve likely seen or examine countless certified LEED and Passive House homes, but as of today, there are only five certified living buildings within the world. With quite 200 registered projects, however, that number is certain to grow. So what exactly may be a living building?

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  8. Building Green: The way to Design a Healthier Landscape

    Plant selection, water management, fire-prevention measures, and more can make sure that your landscape is nice for the earth and for you

    In this segment of Building Green, landscapes take center stage as we investigate how you'll help make a difference toward a healthier planet. When planning or updating your landscape, there are some ways you'll be more environmentally considerate. You’ll wish to implement all or simply some of those ideas — anyone of them can make a difference when everyone contributes. It is often as simple as collecting rainwater during a barrel or as complex as installing sophisticated irrigation systems that you just control with a Smartphone. Below are a couple of ideas to spark your creative juices.

    The Rig

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  9. Add your company to BM website (Duplicated) (Duplicated)

    BM_ Buildings Markets Web Site and Apps is offering a professional ecommerce platform for construction and engineering vendor and supplier, which can help them for present and sell their products online, with professional profile, and specification. And be connect with the engineering circler in Egypt. You can add your company by the following steps: 1- Sign up in Bm website , 2- Choose to be a vendor .

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  10. أضف شركتك الي موقع أسواق الأبنية الأن (Duplicated)

    يقدم موقع أسواق الأبنية -خدمة مميزة لموردين ومصنعي مواد وخامات البناء يتيح لهم فرصة عرض منتجاتهم بشكل احترافي عبر الانترنت مجانا

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